Witchcraft Haka ST 57L, SDT

  • Artnr: 24-00046

Beskrivelse av artikkelen

The Haka ST is replacing the Haka. The Haka ST is probably Witchcraft´s most allround wave board. Faster and looser than the Haka, the Haka ST is the best choice for sailors who both sail on and side shore conditions. The bottom shape of the Haka ST was also updated, it now has more V in the nose going into double concave into double concave V in the tail.  The V breaks the chop and the double concave gives grip. The tail was cut off some 2 cm, making the straps and fins sit further back on the board, making it faster and looser. Combined with the rounder rails, a faster rocker and slightly narrower outline makes that it can handle chop very well. With the straps more back, moving the straps back or forth has even more influence on the boards performance. The Haka ST also features our special pretwisted trifin system, giving less drag, handling more power and a wider variety of angles of attack without losing grip.

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