SX6 extension SDM. 32

SX6 extension SDM

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SX6 extension SDM

The SX6  is designed with T8 aluminium tube, with increased wall thickness to 3.8 mm for the heavy duty durability, secure connection and ease of operation. Fitted with a stainless steel cleat/pulley offering the best weight to stiffness ratio and creating very light weight as well as being very durable and load resistant. Quick-lock release. Designed for maximum longevity. 
- Quick-lock release. 
Stainless pulley system for less friction and greater durability.
- Stainless clamshell adjustment system.
- Dynema rope for reduced friction and increased longevity.

Available in 32 cm and 48 cm

SX6 std alu ext


size diameter adjustment material lock weight min/max
32 SDM 2 cm T8 Alu Pin 0.59 kg 2 to 32 cm
48 SDM 2 cm T8 Alu Pin 0.64 kg 2 to 48 cm
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