Luke`s Leaf Custom. 4´9"

Pris fra. Finner og pads bestilles separat.

  • Artnr: 20-00355

Beskrivelse av artikkelen

Luke McGillewie no-nonsense freestyle killer

Luke designed this model to suit most of his riding freestyle and in waves. Around his home in Cape Town and during his travels around the world. It is a no-nonsense design, just a perfectly tuned combination of outline, rocker and bottom contour. The board feels very reliable under feet and the almost identical outline of the tail and nose makes landing reverse very easy. Speaking of the nose, this is thinned out and hides quite a bit of bottom rocker to prevent the board from diving. Overall the board is small, and therefore lighter than most other boards of similar volume, perfect for those big airs.

LL    Width Thickness Volume Surfer weight *
4’9″ 17.10″ 2,00″ 19 L < 70 KG
4’11” 17.66″ 2,10″ 21 L 70-85 KG
5’1″ 18.00″ 2,20″ 23 L 85> KG
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