Elite IV - 136 x 41

Komplett med bindings, to set finner, board-bag og t-shirt.

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Status defined.


136 x 41 / 140 x 42

    • The lightest board in the world
    • The most flexible carbon board
    • Air Inside Core technology
    • HMX-CF3 carbon
    • Double concave bottom shape
    • Lots of pop with comfortable flex
    • Superior control and upwind

Status defined.

The best of the best just got better. With the introduction of a brand new carbon weave our engineers crafted a version of the Elite like never before. The smoothest possible ride. Alive and in control under feet. Dynamic with just the perfect amount of flex and pop. Goes through chop like a hot knife through butter. And all at the lightest possible weight without compromising strength and durability. The Elite is what you get when designers have free hands and costs do not play a role. The only focus is on maximum performance and minimum weight. The Elite IV is more than a board. It is a status. Our benchmark, and an icon. The most advanced and the lightest board we know how to make. It highlights everything we know as designers and everything we are as makers and passionate kiters.

The Elite IV is minimal in design and maximal in performance. The design shows the elegance of carbon fiber engineering in its purest form. Full carbon fiber hand made construction without any top sheets minimizes weight and highlights the natural raw beauty of carbon fiber for an unbeatable look. On the water the Elite IV stands out from the crowd. We believe it is the most flexible carbon board and is extremely comfortable to ride. With the double concave bottom channels, it is a smooth ride no matter the conditions. The low weight is immediately noticed during maneuvers, jumps and board offs. The Elite IV has quite a lot of pop thanks to the latest HMX-CF3 carbon fiber construction with the fastest possible power transfer.

Construction wise, there are only the best available materials on the Elite IV. The air inside wood core has hollow spaces in strategic areas between the top and bottom carbon layers to save weight. The layup features two layers of carbon on the top and two on the bottom. One layer is CompFlex 4T5 carbon with 45 degree angled fibers for optimal torsion flex, which makes the board stiffer in heel to toe direction. This is topped with a brand news HMX-CF3 carbon which gives the board strength along the length of the board. The HMX-CF3 carbon is the thinnest, lightest and highest tensile strength carbon material.

The Elite IV is a masterpiece of extreme light weight engineering, minimal design, and maximum performance.

The Elite IV – Status defined.


SIZE: 136 x 41 140 x 42
WEIGHT: 1.80 kg 1.90 kg
STIFFNESS: 740 720
STANCE: 38 / 42 / 46 CM
15 / 16.5 / 18.0 INCH

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