Applino V2 WL. 5´3"

Finner og pads bestilles separat.

  • Artnr: 20-00499

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Applino White-line

The White-line boards are a selection of our best selling models and sizes. The Applino V2 kiteboard is one of these best-selling models. White-line means a standard build strength with no custom options and white in colour. You only have to choose the size, because we have already carefully selected the rest. White-line boards are available for order right now, in stock, with quick delivery worldwide. Check the tabs for advice on the size.

Advanced strapless kiteboard

If you are ready to step up your strapless kitesurfing game and, like Paulino, are driven and inspired by the power of nature, this advanced strapless kiteboard might just be your board!

The Applino is designed to match Paulino Pereira’s style of strapless kitesurfing as much as possible. Explosive and powerful, yet stylish and smooth. Best for kiting in the waves or performing strapless freestyle tricks in flat water. It’s Paulino’s go-to board, a reliable partner in all conditions. It’s the ultimate advanced allround strapless kiteboard.

For the V2 version we have worked extensively with Paulino to improve on an already amazing design. Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the Applino V2 is that it is so lively and snappy. Some riders may experience this as somewhat nervous, but for those who like a loose and snappy board, this is exactly what makes the Applino so popular!

FKNS Width Thickness Volume Weight* Surfer weight**
5’3″ 18.1″ 1.9″ 20 L 2.72 KG <75 KG
5’5″ 18.7″ 2.0″ 22 L 2.58 KG >75 KG
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