Appleflap Custom. 5´8"

Pris fra. Finner og pads bestilles separat.

  • Artnr: 20-00363

Beskrivelse av artikkelen

Traditional high performance kiteboard

The Appleflap features a modern approach to a more traditional wave kiteboard. Narrow tail with pinched rails for optimal control at high speeds and in bigger surf. With a decent amount of rocker so the board doesn’t nosedive when coming down a wave. A board designed for control when you need it most.

AFK Width Thickness Volume Surfer weight *
5’8″ 17.75″ 2.15″ 22 L <70 KG
5’10″ 18.00″ 2.25″ 24 L 70-85 KG
6’0″ 18.30″ 2.35″ 26 L >85 KG