Air foil 4´3"

Free race foil board, made for Airtime

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Appletree AIR foil is designed for riders who are looking for kite foil race performance levels combined with the strength needed for boosting AIR. The board has a race oriented outline and rocker. Combined with hard bevels in the bottom and our 4 to 3 stage hull bottom. Giving you really good release on touchdown. But it is much more versatile and easier to ride than a competition race board. The board is also built much stronger, making it much better for worry free riding and travel.

For the AIR foil we have opted for rail track mounts, not a tuttle box. Track mounts, especially ours, are much stronger than the race tuttle. Most free racers and foil jumping addicts are not using the high end race foil, but rather go for the free race foils that generally come with a plate/track mount. A track mount can be fine tuned as there is space to move the foil back and forth, making the board a great match for any foil in the market today. 

The AIR foil comes with strap inserts with a straight line in the back and a Y setup in the front.

Board features

It is super lightweight coming in at 2,3Kg*. Made in Appletrees proprietary carbon infusion technology. The core is made from the high density and waterproof 50K foam. Providing the strength and durability that Appletree is famous for. Dual foil tracks are sandwiched in layers of carbon and PET honeycomb for the best possible distribution of forces. This board is made for AIRtime! 

The AIR foil comes with strap inserts with a straight line in the back and a Y setup in the front. The inserts have 5 positions spaced at 2cm. This gives a huge range of options to fine tune your stance and stance relative to the foil mast position. 

It comes with a comfy 3mm EVA traction on the deck.

(*) custom manufacturing process, a 5% weight tolerance is considered normal.

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